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Creative Alternatives


Creative Alternatives is winner of the 2011 North West Public Health Award and the 2016 YOUR HEROES – Team of the Year award.

Creative Alternatives is an arts and health service for people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. Groups are led by professional artists trained in arts and wellbeing, who will support and guide clients through a themed project using different creative techniques. The sessions  incorporate an element of creative mindfulness which can help clients to relax and focus on the creative process. Open to people  living in St Helens these weekly sessions are currently held online.


  • I am really having a great time at the sessions and feel much more happy in myself after each one, also it gives me optimism for the future which is good ‘cos it was looking a tad bleak beforehand.”

  • “I like doing art because it helps me express something which is beyond words. Because it relieves me. I don’t have words for everything I feel but I can express my feelings through drawing or mask making. I always feel better afterwards.”

  • “I can go to a workshop and forget all my problems and it relaxes me.”

  • “You have given me a new lease of liveliness.”

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