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Within the natural environment, working on projects that bring people and nature together, engaging with local communities, empowering people to create art through informative creative activities and to develop a deeper connection with and appreciation for their local natural environment.

Coastline Traces

Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership’s commission creating a series of six sculptures at key points along the Sefton Coastal Path holding artwork by the local community. Each individual sculpture  offers a unique creative response to a different aspect of the coastal heritage, history or landscape, representing a creative and informative view of the coast.


Sand Lizards

Celebrating the nationally rare sand lizard that can be found on Sefton Coast, this day event engaged with members of the public,  where they created and decorated their own sand lizards

Back from the Brink

Back from the Brink is one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken. Its aim – to save 20 species from extinction and benefit over 200 more through 19 projects that span England. Part of this was creative activities and events engaging the public to discover, value and act. - helping to bring back from the brink of extinction some of England’s most threatened species of animal, plant and fungi.

Beach Plastic Art

Working with the Sefton Coast Rangers to organise beach cleaning days. All plastics collected were cleaned and sorted into colours, some were spray painted. These plastics were then used during a family friendly art event at The Atkinson to create images inspired by the coastal landscape and flora. 

Comma Art 

Comma Art residency in New Ferry Butterfly Park, developing sculptures for the park and installation work in a local shop. Working with the community to deliver painting workshops, using reclaimed materials.

Pledge for the Planet

Commissioned by the West Lancashire Rangers to deliver a two day art activity during their annual Green Fayre.  Pledge for the Planet was designed to get people to make a little difference in their life to help protect our planet..

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