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Fendrod, Male Mental Health Unit

Tawe Clinic, Cefn Coed Hospital

Horizon1  FINAL sml.jpg

This commission was to create an improved therapeutic environment that offers a warm and calming welcome to patients, their families and friends.  By integrating art and interior design within the site the resulting artwork developed a unique and special environment.  Developing creative activities for patients, staff and visitors allowed for authentic engagement and feedback on the ascetics and ergonomics of the spaces and what they found calming and relaxing.

The resulting work comprised of original paintings, photomontage, glass art, and an interactive comments' box with a overarching colour theme and motifs. This creates a welcoming entrance, comfortable day spaces and peaceful, quiet spaces for relaxation and reflection.

  • Distinctiveness – the creation of a unique, warm and welcoming identity for the site through work that is sensitive to site

  • Quality – the physical quality of the environment and the experience of those using it

  • Demonstrate exemplary practice in terms of socially-engaged working


Feedback on the resulting artwork include words like:  tranquil, calming, and that it creates an asylum – in the original use of the word – a place of haven, safety and care.

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