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Traumatic Brain Injury Unit,

Morriston Hospital.


Winner of Chairman's VIP Award ABMU -Improving Lives Through Arts in Health Award: Arts as a Pathway to Hope Project

Project as part of the patient rehabilitation programme, to create artwork which would directly involve patients in the enhancement of the Unit, creating a sense of identity. Commissioned with Sian Hughes to design and co-create artwork for the Unit through practical engagement with 30 TBIS patients, The project helped patients consider the future with greater optimism and resilience. Patients said they really valued the workshops and learning new skills. They viewed it as an opportunity to create artwork as a metaphor for their experience of living and coping with a brain injury.  Patients developed a new network, support, greater confidence and hope. 

Three bespoke light-boxes containing individually back-lit pieces of porcelain made in the workshops were created as the focus of the main room - with painting and motifs repeated in the corridors and in the entrance area.

The groups continued to meet for craft workshops with staff after the project ended, sustaining the positive outlook and opportunity to develop art skills. 

“It’s been brilliant….Don’t know what I’d do without this workshop….I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it – really locked into the creative thing…. They’ve saved my life”. 

Watch the patient and staff story here

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